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Our company name is Entereum LLC and our brand is “Pirate O’Barrel.”

We have been based in Houston Texas for the last eight years and specializes in manufacturing 8-liner game machines, Arcade machines, and specialized parts.


Pirate O’Barrel is our unique line of classic and chic Wine Barrel styled Arcade table game machines which we assemble right here in Houston Texas.

The unique characteristics about the Wine Barrel Arcade Machine is that not only can you play all the classic Arcade games (60 games in total) but also DOUBLES AS A STYLISH COCKTAIL TABLE when not playing the games.


In the sea of ‘boring’ cocktail table arcade machines, you will find the Wine Barrel Arcade game a refreshing and chic decor to your game room or your Mancave.


For Commercial establishments and shops who are looking for game machines that will look great inside your shop and provide your customers with hours and hours of fun, please consider the Wine Barrel Arcade machines NOW.

The Wine Barrel comes completely with 60 of the best classical Arcade games ever and we can cater the Artwork on top of the Wine Barrel to suit your own design or many of our designs.

We are also looking for distributors so if you are in the market to offer your customers something no other of your competitors are offering, please contact us by emailing to: “pirateobarrel@gmail.com”.


Again, thank you very much for your kind visit and we hope to be the wind behind your sail.

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Pirate O’Barrel team